Beef & potato

6.50 EUR

Beef & potato

Beef, potato, onion, parsley, salty butter

  • Fresh ground beef: Finely chopped fresh beef, seasoned with special spices and fresh herbs, providing a delicious filling.
  • Boiled potatoes: Thinly sliced and carefully boiled fresh potatoes are one of the satisfying ingredients inside the borek. The slight creamy texture of potatoes adds a unique taste and flavor to the borek.
  • Fresh spring onions: Finely chopped fresh spring onions bring together all the flavors inside the borek. The mildly spicy taste of spring onions makes this borek distinctive.
  • Butter: Delicious butter is used to soften the structure of the borek and add a delightful flavor. It pairs perfectly with the other ingredients.

Kiymali Patatesli Borek offers a delightful taste, where the most flavorful ingredients come together. It is prepared using thin pastry sheets rolled with a special technique and baked to a golden crispy crust. This delicious borek is one of the most beloved flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine. Every bite will transport you to the rich tastes of Turkish cuisine. Kiymali Patatesli Borek is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, and it's perfect for family meals or special occasions.

Bon appétit!